How to Lead and Keep People Accountable Without Micromanaging

Have you ever found it difficult to keep your team accountable and on-task without micromanaging them when you present them with a project? Because many business teams are still working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been more timely to dedicate a podcast episode to equip agency owners with the tools they need to keep people accountable without micromanaging them.

1. Clearly Define the Expectations

There is a difference between expectations being clear in your mind and the expectations being clear in the mind of the person you assigned the project to. Often times when agency owners – the visionaries – present a project to a team member for the first time, they miss communicating some of the key pieces to the project. To mitigate expectations getting lost in translation, clearly define the following: 

– Identify where this project is on their priority list

– Scope out the timeline of the project

– Why this project is important – (What is the benefit to the company and their peers?)

– Communicate the outcomes if they do a bad or good job

3. How to Support Your Team Member Through Check-ins

Checking in is where most leaders get confused with micromanaging and not micromanaging. Following-up does not mean micromanaging. When you present this project to your team member, set up a recurring time you will meet to check-in and address questions they may have. The purpose of the follow-up is not to reprimand or beat them over the head with what they haven’t gotten done. It is a chance for you to support your team member by asking questions. For example; what are the roadblocks they are facing? What questions do they have? The true purpose is to make sure you are giving them everything they need to be successful and you are giving them the opportunity to provide feedback back to you. 

4. Praise the Positive

When you see someone is doing well, recognize it. The whole purpose of positive recognition is to encourage repeatable behaviors. Incentivize the attitude you want from your employees. 

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